Best Way to Pack Your Bedding and Linens for Moving and Storage

Moving can often be a stressful experience. You worry that things will end up broken, or somehow otherwise destroyed in the process of getting your boxes from one place to another. Your bedding and linens may be the last thing on your mind – they are not breakable, but if you haphazardly pack them, they can end up torn or stained and in need of replacement.


If you have the proper packing materials, you often can get that part of your life ready to go way before the moving truck shows up. Larger cardboard boxes are great to have on hand for bedding and linens, as they tend to be bulkier than most other things you will be packing. Following are other examples of the best ways to pack your pillows, blankets, sheets, towels and all of your other linens so that they will look and feel the way they did before you packed them.

1. Prevent Wrinkles

Get a wardrobe box from your moving company. Hanging your linens in a wardrobe box can keep them from getting wrinkled in the move, eliminating the chore of ironing everything after it arrives in your new home. Be careful not to overfill the box. It can quickly become very heavy to move and may even collapse on itself, wrinkling everything inside.

2. Box Folded Linens

Linens that you can fold can be stacked in a box lined with a sheet of packing paper. Some thrifty relocation experts suggest visiting your local dollar store; you can stock up on plastic vacuum bags that help reduce the volume of those big fluffy comforters, without having to spend too much. Dollar stores also stock those square-shaped plastic bags with zippers, which can hold several sets of sheets in one. This reduces the actual number of items you need to handle, and the square shape helps them easily fit into a cardboard box.

3. Label Boxes

Make sure you can completely close the box and then secure it with packing tape. The most important thing you can do is to label the box. Write down what is inside and in what room the box belongs in your new place. This way the movers can put the boxes directly where they need to be, saving you a lot of post-move lugging of boxes from room to room.

4. Mattress Cartons

Many moving companies sell mattress cartons, made specifically to fit your mattress to keep it clean, and safe from tears or other damage that can occur during a move. You will be happy when you are finally finished with your move to be able to plop down onto your mattress right away and have it be free of funky smells or damage.


As long as you have some sturdy cardboard boxes, a permanent marker, and packing tape, you are halfway to an easier move. Throw in a wardrobe box and some inexpensive protective plastic bags, and you can rest easy so that your bedding and other linens will arrive at their new destination safely and sound, and most of all clean and ready to use.

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