Advice for Packing and Moving Household Electronics

Packing your electronics is notoriously difficult because of their tendency to break. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to make sure your electronics survive your next move.

1. Use Original Packaging

The packaging that your electronics originally came in when you first bought them is one of the best ways to protect your electronics during a move. The manufacturing company of your electronics cannot afford to send their goods to stores and vendors with malfunctions or damages, so they take special precautions when choosing packaging materials for their goods.

You should always take advantage of this and keep the original packages for all of your electronics. This will also help you to save money on packing materials and will save room in your other boxes.


2. Pack Them One By One

One of the golden rules of packing is to pack all similar objects together to make unpacking easier later. While this is a great idea for shoes and towels, it’s not such a good idea for electronics. Electronics, by their nature, are delicate.

They’re built as durable as humanly possible, but when you place several of them together in a box to endure the jostling and bouncing from a moving truck, the electronics will damage one another. It’s best to pack electronics individually in their own boxes or packages to ensure their safety during the move.

3. Use The Right Materials

Electronics contain delicate parts such as microchips, magnets and glass components. These components are combined in such a way that they can withstand many different types of accidents and jarring movements. The magnets and microchips inside of your electronics, however, are still vulnerable to static discharge and water.

Static electricity discharge is a difficult hazard to mitigate since it can be created from the friction of two common objects and arc onto your electronics. An arc of static electricity can damage the circuits in your electronics, rendering them inoperable.

Anti-static bubble wrap or anti-static bags can be purchased as a packing material for your electronics to protect them from any wild arcs of static electricity that could form inside the box. Additionally, special packaging can be purchased that will provide durable protection for your electronics such as water resistant containers and containers that are extra strong to protect against crushing damages.


4. Light Boxes On Top

When it comes time to loading your boxes into the moving truck, there is a certain protocol you should follow. Many people are more concerned about getting all of the furniture and boxes to fit in one trip rather than how the furniture and boxes are organized. This neglect of organizational protocol can lead to the damaging of delicate items, including your electronics.

The best organizational method for packing your items into a moving truck is to place the heavier boxes on the bottom and the lighter boxes on top of those. This will ensure that the more durable items create the foundation on which your more delicate items will rest comfortably.

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