The 5 Hardest Pieces of Furniture to Move

It’s no secret that moving furniture is a challenge. There are many steps you need to take to ensure the move goes smoothly and there are some pieces of furniture that make it especially difficult. These five pieces of furniture are the most challenging, so if you’re looking for help with your next move, keep reading!

Bulky furniture is an obvious culprit. Items such as sofa sets, dressers with vanities, and even cabinets offer their set of challenges when trying to transport them from one location to another. Taking into account the shape and size is just one step in a mostly back-breaking task to get it through the doors. Large appliances such as washers also present their own unique challenge being heavy, bulky, and fragile at the same time. So instead of sticking to some of the clearly difficult pieces of furniture to move, let’s take a look at some that may get overlooked.

1. Televisions

There’s a saying that goes, “they don’t make them like they used to” and no other category is this more applicable than to televisions. TVs used to have a restricted size due to the technology involved but as the years introduced advanced technologies, they are now becoming much bigger and much more delicate than they used to be. Getting a TV moved can get very complicated and is actually a time-consuming task in any move, and the bigger they are the more complicated things become.

TVs nowadays need to be crated to ensure safe transport to the new location. If you can’t do it yourself you ended to rely on professional movers that have the skill and experience to crate it for you. Crating will avoid the possibility of another piece of furniture or box in the truck smashing into it or even leaning into the TV and causing it to flex and crack which has happened multiple times with less than reputable movers.

Entertaining TV set.

2. Gym & Sporting Equipment

These items come in all shapes and sizes, but small equipment such as dumbbells can easily be moved as long as you make sure to secure them in the truck – you don’t several pounds of equipment rolling around in the truck. The real challenge comes when you own larger gym equipment or even sports items such as pool tables. In fact, many movers even offer services that deal specifically with pool tables because of their weight and complexity.

Gym equipment for the most part can be disassembled, and that’s easy enough to remove a few bolts and screws. The real challenge is in transporting the pieces and making sure nothing is lost through the moving process. Since gym equipment relies heavily on weights, missing a single bolt or screw can mean the difference between a safe reassembly or a serious injury. And even if you get all the pieces to your new location, putting it all back together is not a laughing matter either, because making a mistake here can also cause damage to the equipment or even injury to whoever uses it if it wasn’t put together right.

Heavy gym and sporting equipment.

3. Pianos

There is a reason many professional movers offer specialty services for moving pianos. As a matter of fact, there are even movers who specialize exclusively in moving pianos. The weight and size of these keyboard instruments are just one factor that makes them difficult to move. If you’re moving an upright it can make things a lot simpler, but you have to keep in mind that even then this is not a piece of furniture that can be just disassembled and reassembled, so making sure there is ample space to get it through the doors is critical.

Pianos also have a lot of internal moving parts, and it’s basically a one-piece that you have to move as is. If you have a grand piano it can get a lot more complicated since those don’t fit through typical doorways and may even need special cranes and dollies to get them safely moved out from one location then moved into a new location.

Grand piano.

4. Art Collections

Moves that involve artwork can make any mover sweat no matter how experienced they are. It’s not just the potential price in damages that may be incurred but the handling of these valuable items is so delicate that it needs special skills to make sure it is packed, loaded, and transported the right way. Art requires more than just white glove services, anyone can put on a pair of gloves, but knowing how to lift and carry art pieces is also another matter entirely, especially when dealing with statues, antiques, and anything to do with glass.

Proper bubble wrapping and putting boxes together can do for the most part. However, once you get into the range of art collections, most moving companies suggest custom crating may be the best call to ensure your valuables don’t get soiled, broken, or damaged during the move. You have to remember that any damage, no matter how minor, can greatly devalue your art piece.

Fragile art collections.

5. Plants

Since the world went into lockdown a lot of people have found peace and solace in taking care of plants. It has given them something to do in a time where being cooped up for weeks at a time can drive one literally crazy. This not only gives plants the challenge of being something with sentimental value but is also very delicate to move even if it doesn’t seem likely. A move can be a traumatizing experience for a plant and it is still a living thing after all.

If you’re just moving within town, it won’t take more than a day. But moving long-distance on the other hand means that your plants are trapped in a closed truck for days on end which may result in you receiving a pot of soil at the end of the move rather than a beautiful green plant. You’ll need to take into account the needs of each plant you are taking with you and make sure they are in a climate-controlled environment during the entire process.

Lush plants.

Get Professional Help

The key to a great move is to rely on professionals who have the experience and skill to tackle anything you need to be relocated. Although hybrid do-it-yourself moves are becoming more and more commonplace, if you want peace of mind knowing that the moving is getting done right, then hiring movers to do it for you is the best call.

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